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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

Our new online bill pay system is now available! Through this system you can enter and save all of your monthly bills to conveniently pay them from one place. No more writing checks and paying for stamps! No more signing onto multiple websites to pay each bill! Sign up and start saving your valuable time and money.  You must have a checking account with us to use our Bill Pay service.

To access online bill pay you must sign into Online Banking by clicking on the ONLINE BANKING button at the top of the home page. Once you are logged in to Internet Banking, click the “Pay Bills” link on the top of the page and enroll. You will choose your username and password when enrolling.

If you are not currently enrolled in online banking, you must do that before you can enroll for online bill pay. Click on the ONLINE BANKING tab and click on “enroll now”. Once you are enrolled you will be able to access the bill pay site.  The account number to use for Internet Banking is your 4- or 5-digit member account number.

Please make sure you use your 10-digit checking account number when enrolling on Bill Pay. (Your account number is micro-encoded on your check and begins with 27)

To view how the online bill pay system works, please click on the link below. After you watch the tutorial, you may also try a demo of the system.

Bill Pay Guided Tutorial