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At Southern Middlesex, we offer many different types of accounts, suiting all different needs of our members. You can use payroll deduction to deposit money into any of your accounts here from each paycheck.  Check out some of what we offer below:

Share Accounts

Regular Shares (Savings)

This account is automatically opened when you become a member. It requires a minimum deposit of $5.00 to open the account. This balance needs to be maintained within this account throughout the duration of your membership. You will receive a quarterly statement showing all transactions for this account and all club accounts.

Summer Savings Account

This account can be used to save for the summer. Your deposited money is available to you at any time during the year. This account has ATM card access.

Christmas Club Account

This account can be used to save for the holiday season. Your deposited money is available to you at any time during the year. You must request a withdrawal at holiday time.

Miscellaneous, Extra Savings and Rainy Day Accounts

These three accounts can be used to save for any purpose. Your deposited money is available to you at any time during the year.

Share Draft Account (Checking)

This account is used just as a regular checking account. There is no minimum balance or per check charges. Your first order of 40 checks is free. You can direct deposit your paycheck or just a portion of it.  This account has ATM/Visa Debit card access.  You can also deposit checks remotely using our App. You will receive a monthly statement showing all transactions to this account

Money Management Savings

Tiered Money Management Savings

This type of account is being offered to provide our members as a higher yielding savings account. The minimum deposit to earn the higher yield is $2500.  There are 3 tiers, with the top tier earning the highest rate.  This sub-account, 07, must be established at your request and monies deposited to it in order to benefit from the higher dividend rates.

Click here for RATES for current terms and rates Money Management Savings

Click here for Money Management Savings Account Policy

Share Certificates of Deposit (CD)

A certificate of deposit offers higher rates in exchange for committing the money deposited for a predetermined amount of time.  The minimum deposit is $1000.  We currently offer 6 month, 1 year, 18 month and 2 through 5 year certificates.

Click here for RATES for current terms and rates for CDs

Click here for Term Share Certificate of Deposit Account Policy



Payroll Deduction

You can have a portion of your paycheck sent to the credit union and distributed into any of the above savings accounts. You can also have your loan payment paid through payroll deduction. All of our school districts send a semimonthly payroll deduction. Some payroll deductions are sent via paper check and are not always posted on the exact day you are paid, however some are wired or electronic and are posted to your account the same day. If you wish to change your payroll deduction, click on “payroll deduction form” and you can download a PDF file which you can then print and send to the credit union office.

Direct Deposit

You can have your net paycheck, including Social Security and Pension checks, electronically sent to your Regular Share or Share Draft account. These funds are available the day you get paid.


You may have a Visa Debit card if you have an active checking account. You may use this card anywhere that Visa is accepted. The purchases will come directly out of your checking account. Summer Savings accounts can be linked to this card for withdrawal purposes only. Daily limits range from $300 to $500 for purchases and another $300 to $500 for withdrawal.


You can have an ATM card to access funds in your Summer Savings and Share Draft accounts only. You can withdraw or deposit money as well as transfer funds between the two accounts using your ATM card. We have no ATM machine at our office, however you can access any STAR/PLUS/HONOR machine. Look on our home page under “quick links” to find the link to locate surcharge free machines. You may also use your card to purchase merchandise at any store that accepts STAR for purchases. This debits your Share Draft account only. There is a $300.00 per day limit for STAR withdrawals and a $300.00 per day limit for point of sale transactions.

Notary Public

As a member of the Credit Union, you can have official documents notarized by our on-staff Notary Public officers. There is no fee for this service.

Medallion Signature Guarantee Program

As a member of the Credit Union, you can have official documents that require a Signature Guarantee Stamp processed by our on staff Signature Guarantee Officers. There is no fee for this service.